Hellgate: London Quest Details
Primary Quest: The Final Test
Located in Ploughyard (Act V)


  • Take the Final Test in Ploughyard
  • Pass the Gauntlet
  • Speak with Lucious Aldin
  • Command the Lightning
  • Plow the road
  • Speak with Murmur
  • Activate the Sigil of Hope

  • 4015 experience (normal), 8260 experience (nightmare)

  • This quest will start up automatically after you’ve completed the quest Test of Fellowship.


When you arrive at the Ploughyard, you'll meet Emmera and Murmur there. Emmera will tell you that the demons have learned of your plans, and that you'll now have to pass through a gauntlet of enemies to reach the final Sigil. "The road is laden with terrors."

After the conversation with Emmera, Murmur will send you a transmission, and he'll announce that he's seeing something "huge" on his scanner. Against all expectations, a ways into the quest you'll discover that the huge thing is actually an ally -- a mech called The Lightning.

When you reach the mech, you'll find Lucious Aldin and Techsmith 314 next to it. After talking to them, you'll be able to jump into the mech (by clicking on it, just like a turret) and use it to clear the remainder of the path. However, the mech isn't hugely powerful or anything, so after playing around with it for a bit, you might want to jump back out and continue on with your character normally. If the mech gets destroyed, or if you get far enough along the path, you'll have to exit to the mech anyway.

Note: If you exit the mech, you won't be able to get back inside.

When you reach the end of the gauntlet, you'll find a Sigil Point. However, before you can touch it, Murmur will announce that Sydonai is coming -- and then Sydonai will arrive, snatch up Murmur, and leave again. You won't be able to do anything to prevent this. That's just how the quest ends.