Hellgate: London Quest Details
Side Quest: Stonehenge
Given by Warden of Wake Hallow in Stonehenge (Act IV)

  • Minimum Level: 15
  • Subscriber-only

  • None

  • None


The Stonehenge quest is a repeatable quest for subscribers of the game. The quest doesn't have any objectives or rewards, but it does has several bosses that you'll have to kill while playing your way through it, and the bosses will drop lots of nice equipment. The Stonehenge zones are also worth pretty good experience, and the enemies in the zones will scale to your level, and so the Stonehenge quest is also a good way to grind some experience and gain some levels.

Note: To reach Stonehenge, you'll need to talk to the Warden of Stonehenge in the Templar Base. You'll have to be at least level 15 to get in.

Stage 1

In the first stage of the quest you'll need to collect beast essences, demon essences, necro essences, and spectral essences. These essences can drop off of any enemy in the game, but only for subscribers. Beast essences are the most difficult to find, but we've had good luck encountering them in the Wild zones adjacent to Stonehenge.

You'll need five of each essence for the next stage. It will probably take you a while to collect enough essences, so it's a good idea to become a subscriber well before you plan to enter Stonehenge (like when you create the character you plan to take there).

Stage 2

For this stage you'll need to collect the head of Ash, the head of Errgoth, the head of Nicor, and the head of Oriax. You'll find the bosses that drop these heads in the zones connected to Wake Hollow, which is adjacent to Stonehenge. You'll need essences to enter these zones:
  • Five beast essences will give you access to Blood Walk and the Maw, where you'll encounter Ash, a flying and fire-breathing beast.

  • Five demon essences will give you access to Harrow Deep and Hell's Heart, where you'll encounter Errgoth, a big and bulky melee demon.

  • Five necro essences will give you access to Skull Step and the Lair of the Damned, where you'll encounter Oriax, a bruiser-summoning necro.

  • Five spectral essences will give you access to Shadow Pass and Torment, where you'll encounter the Nicor, an extra-powerful "lost one" spectral.
The zones with the bosses will only have enemies of the type as the boss (for example, Errgoth's zones will only have demon enemies), and so while it will cost you five essences to get in, you'll probably find some essences while tracking down the boss, making it much easier to repeat the quest.

Stage 3

This is the shortest stage in the quest, but it is also the most difficult. The four heads from the previous stage will give you access to three linked zones: Moloch's Step, The Necro Fall, and Master's Court. The enemies in the first two zones won't be any more difficult than what you've faced before, but in the last zone you'll encounter the boss demon Moloch.

Moloch is big and nasty, as you might expect. He has a ton of hit points, and he has a variety of attacks, including a stunning ground punch and the ability to breathe fire. The zone where you'll face him will always be the same -- a round platform where you won't have much room to maneuver -- and so you'll probably have a tough time dodging his attacks while dealing damage to him.

Moloch also has a special ability where he can summon fiend priests. These priests will heal him, so when you see them you should kill them as quickly as possible. In fact, since the priests will heal Moloch very quickly, you might want to save your best damage-dealing skills for them rather than using them on Moloch.

Otherwise, you'll just have to be patient and wear Moloch down. You'll have to keep moving when you battle him, and you'll probably have to use a bunch of health injectors, but eventually he should go down, and when he does he'll drop a bunch of good equipment.

Once you've killed Moloch, you'll be able to repeat the quest and kill him again -- and again and again, as many times as you'd like. You'll just need to collect the 20 essences and four heads required to get back to him. So don't throw out any "extra" essences or heads. Chances are, you'll eventually need them.

Note: The game will recognize that you have heads and essences even if they're sitting in your storage locker. You don't need to carry them in your inventory.

Another Note: Once you've unlocked a zone, the zone will stay unlocked until you've killed the boss associated with it. For example, the entrance to Skull Step will stay open until you've killed Oriax. That means you might as well unlock zones whenever you can, just to clear up some space in your inventory or storage locker.