Hellgate: London Quest Details
Primary Quest: ... All the Live Long Day
Given by Arphaun in Monument Station (Act IV)


  • Travel to Cannon Street Rail
  • Speak with Techsmith 99
  • Find the first missing train part
  • Return to Techsmith 99
  • Find the second missing train part
  • Return to Techsmith 99
  • Find the last missing train part
  • Return to Techsmith 99

  • None


When you arrive at Cannon Street Rail, Techsmith 99 will tell you that a supply convoy carrying train parts was ambushed nearby, and that you'll need to explore the zone and find those parts so he can finish repairing the train. The parts are large and heavy, so you'll only be able to carry one at a time, and having one in your inventory will reduce your movement speed.

If you're playing an early version of the game, then you'll need to be careful in this quest. That's because when the game came out, it was possible for the train parts to re-spawn after you'd turned them in, and if you picked up a part a second time, then you wouldn't be able to drop it. If this happens to you, then you'll need to open up a blueprint, place the train part in it, re-arrange your inventory so the part can't fit back in it, and then cancel the blueprint. That should drop the part to the ground.

If you're playing a patched version of the game, then the quest should be straightforward. The train parts will always be in crates in dead-end square rooms, and there will probably only be 3-4 such rooms in the zone, making it easy to figure out where the parts are.

The three parts are the ULT power plant, the ULT m-series capacitor, and the ULT intake manifold. Each time you find a part, you'll need to walk it back to Techsmith 99, and then head back out into the field to look for the next part. Once you've turned in all three parts, the quest will end, Cannon Street Rail will turn into Exodus, and Lord Arphaun will send you a transmission triggering the quest Riding in Style.