Fallout 3 Equipment Database: Item Details
Lying, Congressional Style  
Category: Miscellaneous
Type: Book
Item ID: 00034044
Weight: 2
Value: 50
Special: This skill book increases your Speech skill by +1.
• Arlington Library (Children’s Wing) - Found on counter
• Corvega Factory (Entrance) - Found on counter
• Dupont Circle (Dupont Circle Station) - Found in pail on table
• Georgetown East (Townhome) - Found on table
• Germantown Police HQ (Ground Floor) - Found on small table
• Jury Street Metro Station - Found in pulpit in church to the southwest
• Jury Street Metro Station (Jury St. Tunnels) - Found on top of safe
• Megaton (Craterside Supply) - Given by Moira during the Wasteland Survival Guide quest
• Megaton (My Megaton House) - Found inside after purchasing the Love Machine theme
• Meresti Trainyard (Meresti Metro Station) - Found under box on top of train car
• Nuka-Cola Plant (Offices) - Found on top of safe
• Rivet City - Found on ground in Super Mutant camp to the northwest
• RobCo Facility (RobCo Factory Floor) - Found on counter
• Robot Repair Center (Mechanist's Forge) - Found on desk
• Scrapyard (Office) - Found next to Daniel's desk
• Seward Square - Sitting on top of suitcase in Pulowski Preservation Shelter
• Takoma Industrial (Factory) - Found on shelf
• Tenleytown / Friendship Station - Found on shelf
• Tenpenny Tower (Penthouse Suites) - Found on desk
• Tenpenny Tower (Your Suite) - Found inside after purchasing the Love Machine theme
• The Capitol Building (Conference Hall) - Found on podium
• The National Archives (Secure East Wing) - Found in western vault
• Vault 108 (Cloning Lab) - Found on table
• Vernon Square East (Vernon East/Takoma Park) - Found in ticket booth