Fallout 3 Equipment Database: Item Details
Big Book of Science  
Category: Miscellaneous
Type: Book
Item ID: 0002D3A4
Weight: 2
Value: 50
Special: This skill book increases your Science skill by +1.
• Arlington House - Found on table in kitchen
• Arlington Library (Arlington Public Library Lobby) - Found on desk
• Bethesda Ruins (Bethesda Offices West) - Found on counter next to terminal
• Broadcast Tower KB5 - Found on scientist's corpse to the northwest
• Broadcast Tower LP8 - Found in cistern east of the tower
• Chryslus Building (Basement) - Found on shelf in west room
• Corvega Factory - Found in dumpster on south side of building
• Corvega Factory (Entrance) - Found on desk on second floor
• County Sewer Mainline - Found next to computer terminal
• Fort Bannister (Main) - Found on ground behind door in locked room
• Fort Constantine (Launch Control Bunker) - Found on desk
• GNR Building Plaza (GNR Studios) - Found on desk next to radio
• Greener Pastures Disposal Site - Found near corpse in truck to the southwest
• Hallowed Moors Cemetery - Found in pulpit
• Jury Street Metro Station (Drainage Chamber) - Found on desk
• L'Enfant Plaza - Found in Pulowski Preservation Shelter
• Marigold Station (Ant Queen’s Hatchery) - Found on desk next to computer
• Megaton (Craterside Supply) - Possible reward during the Wasteland Survival Guide quest
• Nuka-Cola Plant (Offices) - Found on table
• Rivet City (Broken Bow) - Found on Pinkerton's counter
• RobCo Facility (RobCo Factory Floor) - Found on mainframe
• Shalebridge - Found on ant researcher's corpse
• Tenpenny Tower (Your Suite) - Found inside after purchasing the Scientist theme
• Vault-Tec Headquarters (Corporate Offices) - Found on shelf
• Warrington Station - Found on desk next to suitcase