Dragon Age: Origins Equipment Database: Item Details
Trickster's Gloves
Category: Armor
Type: Gloves (Light)
Material: Dragonwing (Tier 8)
Armor: 1.66
Fatigue: 1.25%
Installation: Awakening
+3 Dexterity
+4 Attack
Requires: 22 Strength
Restriction: Rogue
Part of the Trickster's Armor item set.
The Orlesian bard Arianna sold her patrons' secrets to their enemies, then fled to Nevarra, where she was captured and killed.

When equipped with the Trickster's tunic, boots, and cap, the character's spells or talents cost less to activate.
• City of Amaranthine (Smuggler's Cove) - Found in smuggler's cache