Dragon Age: Origins Equipment Database: Item Details
Tome of Physical Technique
Category: Miscellaneous
Type: Tome
Installation: Base Installation
Use: This tome gives the reader one point to spend on a talent, but is rendered useless afterwards.
Restriction: Warrior or Rogue
A manuscript of physical arts, scribed by a master and rarely seen outside of the most prestigious militias and guilds. Careful study grants the reader access to additional rogue or warrior talents.
• Party Camp - Purchased from Bodahn Feddic
• Orzammar Commons - Purchased from Garin
• Redcliffe Castle (Main Floor) - Purchased from Bodahn Feddic after the Landsmeet
• Chantry - Purchased from Lem's Fenced and Found during Leliana's Song DLC
• Circle Tower (Apprentice Quarters) - Purchased from Sandal during Witch Hunt DLC
• Circle Tower (Apprentice Quarters) - Obtained from "Tome of Technique: Use It Or Lose It" book in Self-Improvement section during Witch Hunt DLC if your character is a warrior or rogue