Dragon Age: Origins Equipment Database: Item Details
Category: Weapon
Type: Longsword
Material: Silverite (Tier 6)
Rune Slots: 2
Damage: 10.50
Critical Chance: 3.00%
Armor Penetration: 3.50
Strength Modifier: 1.00
Installation: Base Installation
+5 Magic
+1 Mana Regeneration in Combat
+10% Spell Resistance
+3 Electricity Damage
Restriction: Arcane Warrior
This ancient elven-forged blade vibrates slightly to the touch in most people's hands, but it stills in the grip of a mage. Crafted with lost techniques for alloying lyrium and metals, Spellweaver enhances a mage's powers, acting as a focus in the same way as a staff.
• Ruined Temple (Caverns) - Found on Cultist Overseer's corpse in nest/egg chamber