Dragon Age: Origins Equipment Database: Item Details
Marjolaine's Recurve
Category: Weapon
Type: Longbow
Material: Dragonthorn (Tier 7)
Damage: 9.60
Critical Chance: 1.60%
Armor Penetration: 8.80
Strength Modifier: 1.00
Range: 46
Installation: Base Installation
+3 Cunning
+3 Damage
Rapid Aim (-0.3 seconds)
Requires: 34 Dexterity
Restriction: Leliana
Leliana's mentor taught her apprentice more than just social graces, and the younger bard had always coveted this masterfully worked longbow. Beautiful carving and delicate inlays around the grip wordlessly convey one of Marjolaine's great lessons: just because something is deadly, there is no reason it cannot be beautiful.
• Denerim Market District (Marjolaine's Home) - Found in chest during Leliana's Past quest