Dragon Age: Origins Equipment Database: Item Details
Landsmeet Shield
Category: Armor
Type: Shield (Kite)
Material: Volcanic Aurum (Tier 9)
Strength Modifier: 1.00
Fatigue: 5.60%
Defense: 4.00
Missile Deflection: 10.50
Installation: Awakening
+12 Defense
+30% Electricity Resistance
+50 Stamina
+15 Physical Resistance
Absorbs Damage
Requires: 48 Strength
This shield was left unclaimed after a Landsmeet in Denerim's palace.
• Wending Wood (Silverite Mine) - Found on Dragon Thrall's corpse
• City of Amaranthine (Smuggler's Cove) - Reward from Smuggler Leader after you've killed the Lieutenant