Dragon Age: Origins Codex Database: Entry Details
A Scholar's Journal [Entry #331]
Category: Quest-Related
Installation: Awakening
7 Cloudreach: Ordered roast boar at the inn. Love that stuff! I shared the meal with a weary old traveler newly arrived via the Pilgrim's Path. Told me that he stumbled upon an odd structure of stones in the Wending Wood. he showed me a souvenir he brought back, one of the smaller stones. It looked familiar somehow.

9 Cloudreach: I remember where I saw that stone--an old history book in Denerim's chantry! The Tevinters built structures to harness mystical energies. Most have been destroyed, the stones used for construction, yet the traveler claims this one survives.

10 Cloudreach: He was at the inn again and sold me the stone. I'm heading to the Wending Wood as soon as I find a caravan, although people seem wary of the place.

29 Justinian: Finally found a caravan! Nervous lot, though--barely halted to let me out. Found the structure and spend the day studying it. Burned myself on the magical fire several times, but I think I've figured it out. Must make a path of fire that connects all the stones in a single loop. Will attempt after I drive away whatever creature's making that rustling noise.
• Wending Wood - Received after looting battered journal from scholar's corpse