Alpha Protocol Equipment Database: Item Details

Category: Weapon
Type: Assault Rifle
Value: $5,250
Damage: 26
Accuracy: 28
Recoil: 12
Stability: 3
Ammunition: 30
Quick Summary: Good stopping power at the expense of accuracy, balance, and recoil control.

The assault rifle is the ideal weapon for long-range precision. Firing 3-round bursts and delivering substantial damage, the rifle's primary drawback is its loss of accuracy when fired on the move or from the hip.

Nationalized during the soviet era, Ural Combinat is now back in private hands and is selling their weapons to mercenaries and small governments around the world. A UC weapon is built for stopping power and intimidation - accuracy, ease of use, and possible wrist injury from recoil are of no concern to the Combinat's engineers. Their inaccurate designs make their weapons useless to law enforcement agencies and highly desirable to shooters who aren't as concerned with stray bullets killing innocents.

• Taipei (Clearinghouse) - Purchased from Heck Enterprises
• Moscow (Investigate Weapon Shipments) - Received if you route the shipment to yourself