Hellgate: London Quest Details
Primary Quest: Triage
Given by Arphaun in Monument Station (Act V)


  • Travel to Crown Office Row
  • Speak with Emmera Ephram
  • Save the Templar
  • Update Emmera Ephram
  • Return to Templar Base
  • Speak with Lord Arphaun

  • 3350 experience (normal), 7510 experience (nightmare)
  • 237 palladium (normal), 337 palladium (nightmare)

  • You'll get the transmission for this quest at the start of Act V.


When you meet up with Emmera, she'll give you an emergency medical kit, and she'll ask you to heal 10 injured templar before 5 injured templar die. You'll have to use the medical kit to do the healing, and so the first thing you should do in the quest is to assign the medical kit to a hotkey (by dragging it to your hotkey bar) so you can quickly activate it.

When you accept the quest, a hellrift will open up just outside the base, and a bunch of demons will attack. The soldiers inside the base will defend it, and so you might not need to do any fighting. It doesn't matter if the soldiers defending the base die, so don't try to protect them; you only have to worry about injured templar dying, and that seems to be a timed / random event.

So just visit all of the medical stations inside the base and heal the wounded templar as quickly as possible. The demons will probably ignore you, but if some break free you'll have to kill them right away because any damage you take will disrupt the healing process. If you find that the hellrift is producing demons too quickly, and you're getting swarmed, you can also attack the hellrift and destroy it, and then it'll just be you and the wounded templar with no distractions (but you'll have to do it quickly or else too many templar will die).

Once you've finished helping out Emmera, you'll need to return to Lord Arphaun (now in Maxim's spot in the Templar Base) to report your success. That will complete the quest.