Hellgate: London Quest Details
Primary Quest: A Truth Spoken
Located in British Museum (Act I)


  • Search the British Museum
  • Survive!
  • Meet the Sage
  • Speak with the Sage
  • Travel to Covent Garden Station
  • Return to Brandon Lann

  • 3100 experience (normal), 11170 experience (nightmare)


This quest will start up automatically once you've completed the quest Test Monkey. You'll start out in the British Museum, and you'll quickly discover that a boss demon named Emperor Gulkar escaped from the hellrift with you. Gulkar isn't too nasty by himself, but he can "wake up" the statues in the museum (creating a fiend master each time), and he can also create duplicates of himself.

That means you'll have to figure out a way to deal with several tough enemies at once. If you have a good area-effect weapon or spell, then this is a good place to use it, but otherwise you'll need to attack and retreat and use health injectors as necessary. Just be careful where you retreat, because if you go into a room with more statues, then you'll have to deal with more enemies.

When Gulkar dies, a portal will appear over his corpse. When you go through it, you'll find yourself in a small library with a sage. The sage will introduce herself as Truth, and she'll say a bunch of stuff that probably won't make a lot of sense. However, she'll mention that there are other sages out there, and that you should talk to them, and that will become your primary concern over the next few sections of the campaign.

Leaving the sage and returning to Brandon Lann in Covent Garden Station will complete the quest and also end the Act.