Hellgate: London Quest Details
Primary Quest: A Luring
Given by Arphaun in Monument Station (Act IV)


  • Travel to Tower of London
  • Rendezvous with Lt. Gray
  • Use turrets against the demon
  • Return to Lord Arphaun

  • None

Notable Boss Drops (Beast of Abbadon)


When you arrive at the Tower of London, you'll find a huge demon named the Beast of Abbadon wandering around. You won't be able to damage it while it's in its "huge" form. Instead, you'll have to operate the turrets in the area. If you can get two turrets firing on the beast at the same time, then it will shrink down and become vulnerable to your weapons. Of course, when it shrinks it will produce a bunch of fellbores to distract you, and so the process won't be easy.

Here are some useful things to know:
  • Even though the zone will always be shaped like a circle, the beast will only travel back and forth in the shape of a "u" (with the bottom of the "u" coinciding with the zone exit). That means you can wait at one of the two turrets at the bottom of the "u," and then when the beast starts approaching you, hit it with that turret and then sprint to the next turret and hit it with that one, too. It shouldn't be too difficult to get the beast to shrink down to your size.

  • The turrets will only fire for a limited amount of time, and only if they're in range of the beast. So wait until the beast is fairly close to a turret before firing on it and sprinting to the next one.

  • The beast will mostly ignore you as it walks along. However, if you get underfoot, then it will either stomp on you or use a fire attack to light the area around it on fire.

  • Lieutenant Gray and his troops won't do much to help you. Gray can't be killed, but he'll barely damage the fellbores let alone the beast. The other soldiers will probably die within the first couple minutes of the battle.

  • No matter how quickly you shrink the beast, it will always replenish its shields before you can attack it. That means shield overloading or shield penetrating weapons are a good idea in the battle.

  • The only way to complete this quest quickly is to concede that you're going to die. When the beast shrinks, just ignore the fellbores and only fire at the beast. You'll probably get killed (by the beast's fire attack if not the fellbores), but you should be able to do a lot of damage first.
When the Beast of Abbadon dies, it will drop a bunch of equipment, and you'll just need to return to Lord Arphaun in Monument Station to complete the quest.