Yaga-Shura's Lair 2 (AR5204) [Legacy Page]

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1 - Brennan

When you reach this point, you'll have a small bit of dialogue with a magic-wielding Fire Giant named Brennan, after which you'll be attacked by both him and his fiery buddies. Take them out and then search Brennan's corpse for Baalor's Claw.

2 - Yaga-Shura's Heart

Ahh, here it is. Yaga-Shura's heart rests upon a makeshift altar in the middle of the lava. Grab it, and then head towards area #4 to get Nyalee's heart as well.

3 - Yaga-Shura Slave

Back in the corner here, you'll meet one of Yaga-Shura's slaves. She will ask for her freedom, and if you release her, she'll tell you what she knows of Yaga-Shura and how to defeat him (you'll also gain 15,000 experience points for each party member). After you've learned all you can, unlock the plate on the wall to find some treasure, including the Stone Golem page used to upgrade the Golem Manual and a little over 3000 gold.

4 - Nyalee's Heart

This room contains what appears to be Yaga-Shura's bed. Search it to find Nyalee's heart (the Bhaal priestess in the Forest of Mir) and Yaga-Shura's journal.

5 - Imix, the Prince of Fire

Prepare yourself for another moderately difficult battle before entering this room. Imix, the Price of Fire, and a couple of Burning Men will instantly attack you when you enter. Once destroyed, you'll find the Amulet of the Master Harper and Ravager +4 on Imix's corpse.