Planar Sphere 1 (AR0411) [Legacy Page]

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1 - Planar Key

Within this room, you can grab some coal and a Golem Arm. There's also a Planar Key you'll need to get to area #2.

2 - Knights of Solamnia

You'll meet up with some Knights of Solamnia (Dragonlance!) in this room. They are trapped in the Planar Sphere and need help in finding a way home.

You have two choices from this point. You can either head to Ribald at the Adventurer's Mart and pay him 9000 gold pieces to have a sorceress send them home or you can go to the House of the Radiant Heart and inquire about the situation there. Either way, you'll receive some good experience, but only if you give Ribald the 9000 gold pieces will you receive a Golden Girdle out of the deal.

3 - Sahuagin Baron

This room is full of Sahuagin, which will give you a decent fight. Once you drop them, grab the Sahuagin Baron's Cloak of Protection +1.

4 - Halflings

You get attacked by a bunch of halfling warriors here. They shouldn't amount to much of a fight, but the loot easily makes the nuisance worthwhile. Once all the halflings are dead, you can grab some Gauntlets of Ogre Power (needed for the Crom Faeyr), Ripper +2, and some more coal.

5 - Golem

There is a half built golem in this room. Once you activate the furnace in area #6, you'll need to find the arm (located in area #1) and the head (located in area #7) to finish building the golem. Once he's fully built, he will run to area #9 and kill the Elder Orb that guards the room.

6 - Furnace Room

You'll fight some more halflings in this room, one of which wields a Stiletto of Demarchess +2 that is yours for the taking once he goes down. After the battle, you'll notice that the room contains three separate furnaces. Once you've placed a piece of coal into each furnace, you can finish building the golem in area #5.

7 - Iron Golem

Dispatch the Iron Golem in this room and grab the Golem Head and coal.

8 - Floor Puzzle

This room is a puzzle of sorts. You need to click on each of the floor emblems in a certain order to open the door to the Planar Sphere core (area #10). The order is Top Right (1), Bottom Left (2), Bottom Right (3), Top Left (4).

9 - Elder Orb

After animating the golem in area #5, he will kill the Elder Orb in this room. The exit leads to the Navigation Room, where you'll confront Lavok. After you've bested him, he will explain that you need the heart of a Demon in order to power the sphere once again and travel back to Faerūn. If you decide to bring him with you, you'll get a Ring of Acuity after you've completed the Planar Sphere.

10 - Exit

These stairs lead to the Planar Sphere core and cannot be used until you complete the puzzle in area #8.