Harper Hideout 2 (AR0309) [Legacy Page]

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1 - Spectral Harpers

You'll come up from the first floor here and be faced with some spectral Harpers. If you have the Harper Amulet from the first floor (you did grab it, didn't you?), you will be able to converse with them about various topics, including Xzar (the mage in the Docks District who asks you to infiltrate the Harper headquarters) and the whereabouts of his friend Montaron. If you don't possess the amulet, the spectral Harpers will attack your party.

Scour the various chests on this upper floor to find some Bolts of Biting, Bullets +1, Acid Arrows, and Darts +1 to name a few.

Once you've brought the bird from area #2 to Xzar in the Docks District, you can return here to find Montaron's corpse in the northeastern chest.

2 - Xzar's "Friend"

On this room's western wall resides a very large cage. If you click on the cage, you'll be able to catch a bird (which presumably is Xzar's friend) and stuff him in your inventory. Head back to the Docks District and talk with Xzar. You'll witness the transformation of the bird into a woman named Lucette (not Montaron) and she will promptly kill him. You'll get a nice chunk of experience anyway and can loot a Staff Spear +2 off of Xzar's corpse.