Harper Hideout 1 (AR0308) [Legacy Page]

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The Harpers are a semi-secret society based in the Heartlands. The Harpers have seen a number of incarnations through the years, with rising and falling levels of political power. They are primarily a group that is allied with a number of good churches and are receiving support from powerful neutral parties, including druidic circles. Their aim is to keep the dangers to civilisation at bay, including goblin raids, dragon flights and the insidious control of other groups such as the Zhentarim, Red Wizards, the Commer, or the Cult of the Dragon. They believe in the power of individuals, the balance between the wild and the civilised and the good of humankind and its allied sentient races. They also believe in preserving the tales of the past, so that one may learn from those tales for the future. The Harpers attract a wide variety of character types, but this society is most attractive to elves, rangers, and bards. Harpers are spread throughout the North and the Heartlands, often operating in secret. They are by their nature meddlers and often operate alone or in small groups to achieve their ends. Except when battling long-term foes, it is unimportant to them if their name is connected with their actions (their own tales and songs are another matter). The Harpers are an amorphous organisation and as such have no main base of operations. The Harpers are a force of good in the Realms and good-aligned characters may find themselves being aided by unseen allies if their business aids the organisation. The only hint as to these allies' identity is the harp and moon symbol of the group.

1 - Harper Amulet

Back in one of these smaller rooms, you'll find a Harper Amulet that you will need in order to get past the spectral Harpers on the second floor. There is also a Helmet of Charm Protection behind one of the "eye" pictures on the wall.

2 - Exit

These stairs lead up to the second floor. Make sure you have the Harper Amulet from area #1 before ascending though.