Graveyard Lower Tombs 2 (AR0802) [Legacy Page]

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1 - Arrival

As soon as you enter these southern crypts, you'll be confronted by a group of undead, including Wights, Ghasts, and even a Vampyre. Level drains are a factor, so be sure to have a few Restoration spells or some sort of Negative Plane Protection ready.

2 - Ancient Traps

A series of traps line this area, so you'll want to try and detect and disarm them if at all possible. The damage here can add up fast, so we recommend that you don't ignore them.

Once you've bypassed them, search for a secret door in the lower left corner, then move to the hallway beyond to face a couple of Mummies and some Shadows.

3 - Sarcophagus

There are a few fights you must go through to get to this room, which you'll immediately notice houses a crate and an urn that can be looted for a few minor items (including a Wand of Fear) and a few scrolls.

However, if you have Edwin in your party, he will have mentioned the Nether Scroll, claiming that it is buried with nobles in this crypt. If you enter this area in pursuit of the Nether Scroll, you'll meet up with a Lich. Talk to him twice and then Edwin will become angry and demand the scroll, which results in a battle. The Lich is fairly easy, however, since he casts no defensive spells.

Once the Lich is defeated, Edwin will grab the scroll. To learn more, check out our NPC-specific quest for Edwin by clicking here.

4 - Defiled Crypt

This crypt has already been looted. If Korgan is with you, he will be upset and will demand that you visit the Temple District to chase after his ex-buddies in pursuit of the Book of Kaza (you'll gain 11,250 experience points for making it this far, however).

Before you can leave the room, though, your party will first have to face a Mummy and some Skeleton Warriors. Take them down, then search the room for a few remaining trinkets.