Graveyard District (AR0800) [Legacy Page]

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1 - Ghost of Wellyn

Here you'll meet the ghost of a boy named Wellyn that will ask you to find his stuffed bear and bring it back. You can find the guy who took the bear over at the Copper Coronet in one of the rooms upstairs.

2 - Exit

This is one of the entrances into the Graveyard Lower Tombs 1.

3 - Tirdir

This grave will be searchable, and upon searching it, you'll find a guy named Tirdir who has been buried alive. He'll explain that the guy who is responsible was wearing all red and give you a piece of the clothing. You'll also want to talk to the gravekeeper at area #5.

4 - Exit

This is one of the entrances into the Graveyard Lower Tombs 1.

5 - Gravekeeper

The gravekeeper stands outside this tomb. You can ask him about Tirdir, the guy who was buried alive at area #3, and he'll give you a bit more information. You can find the guys responsible in the Bridge District, down in the southwest corner of the map.

6 - Funeral

If you have Nalia in your party, this is where her father's funeral is held.

7 - Exit

This is one of the entrances into the Graveyard Lower Tombs 1.

8 - Crypt King

In this tomb, you'll encounter the Crypt King. Once you've dispatched him, grab yourself the Namarra +2 sword.

9 - Kamir

Somewhere within this vicinity during day hours, you will encounter a Paladin named Kamir. He will be grieving over the loss of his son and you will be asked to help him with his pain. Proceed to area #10 and talk with the priest there. The priest will provide Kamir with a little girl to take care of in order to replace his lost son.

10 - Priest

Here you'll encounter a priest taking care of a little girl. The priest and the little girl tie into the quest that you begin at area #9. Additionally, within this crypt you can find yourself a Staff of Curing.

11 - Notable Crypt

Within this crypt you can find a trapped tomb that contains a Battle Axe +2. The chest next to it contains a scroll of Minor Spell Turning and 12 gold pieces.