Elven Palace 2 (AR2806) [Legacy Page]

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1 - Parasites

Location of some of the parasites on the Tree of Life. Attack them and they will spawn guardians. Dispatch the guardians and then re-attack the parasites to kill them. When you have killed all parasites from areas #1, #2, and #3, you will be teleported to area #4 where you will face Irenicus.

2 - Parasites

More parasites on the Tree of Life.

3 - Parasites

More parasites on the Tree of Life.

4 - Irenicus Battle

This is where you'll meet up with Irenicus. I used the Ring of the Ram and a scroll of Time Stop here, although it was still quite a fight to take him down. One thing worthy of note, though, is that if any of your people die in this fight, you must make sure to either grab their equipment or resurrect them and re-equip them before you dispatch Irenicus. Otherwise, when you defeat Irenicus and get sucked down into Hell, that person will lose their equipment.

According to some of the reports we've received, though, sometimes the equipment from your dead companions *does* appear at the feet of your main character in Hell. This wasn't the case with my game, but one of the more recent patches might have taken care of this problem.