Arcane Mechanic Skill: Elyctric Sphere
Elyctric Sphere Cost: 1
Creates an elyctric sphere around you, providing complete invulnerability but also blocking movement and offensive skills. While in the sphere you also gain back +20% of your maximum HP and mana per second, and all of your cooldowns expire more quickly.

Skill Ranks
  1. Cooldowns expire 300% more quickly
  2. Cooldowns expire 350% more quickly
  3. Cooldowns expire 395% more quickly
  4. Cooldowns expire 435% more quickly
  5. Cooldowns expire 470% more quickly
  6. Cooldowns expire 500% more quickly
  7. Cooldowns expire 525% more quickly
  8. Cooldowns expire 545% more quickly
  9. Cooldowns expire 560% more quickly
  10. Cooldowns expire 570% more quickly

Skill Masteries

Overcharge: Regeneration is increased to 25% per second. Requires Rank 5.
Persistent Sphere: The duration is increased by 1s. Requires Rank 10.