Royal Chambers

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1 - Warden of Souls

You'll encounter the Warden of Souls here. He'll always start off with a health drain attack and a rolling wave attack, and then he'll go to his melee attacks. His melee attacks aren't anything special, so if you can stay out of range for the first two attacks, you should be able to kill him relatively easily.

The Warden of Souls will drop the Key of the Warden of Souls when he dies. You can use the key to unlock the cells in this area and in the Prison of Souls.

2 - Shards of Erebus

You'll need to destroy five of these shards to complete the side quest "The Shards of Erebus." Each shard can only be destroyed once per difficulty level, but each time you destroy one, it will leave behind a Crystal of Erebus. You'll find the other two shards in the Palace of Hades.

3 - The Night's Mistress

The Night's Mistress is one of the four empusa bosses that you'll need to kill to gain access to Hades' Treasury. She's easily the most difficult of the four. A few golems will help her out, and she'll use an area-affect mana (and then health) draining attack to quickly kill you. We've had the most success in this battle by taking out the golems first and then running around until she uses her draining attack (to stay out of that attack as much as possible), and then charging in for the kill.

The Night's Mistress will drop a Soul Stone when she dies. If this is the fourth stone that you've collected, then you should now to be able enter Hades' Treasury -- something that certainly wouldn't hurt before confronting Hades himself (#4).

4 - Hades

Hades is a lot less complicated than the Mount Olympus version of Typhon. He's a big, mean boss, and he'll hit you hard and probably kill you a few times, but he won't have any statues helping him out, and so killing him is mostly just a matter of patience.

Hades will attack you using two forms -- or maybe 2.5 forms. In the first form he'll use a variety of health draining attacks on you, and once you've taken him down to 50% health, he'll grow some tentacles or something and spring a couple of new attacks on you. For this form, the easiest way to kill him is to stand right next to him and attack him, even if you're using ranged attacks. Hades' melee attacks are far less powerful than his spell attacks, and if you're right next to him then he'll use his melee attacks.

Once you've killed Hades in his first form, he'll switch to a spirit form and hit you with several types cold spells. He won't use melee attacks in this form, so getting close to him now isn't a good idea. Instead, dodge his spells as much as you can, and wait for him to cast his "big" spell, which will cause cold bombs to go off in a few places around him. He'll take a few seconds to prepare for the spell, and the spell itself isn't all that powerful, and so you can use this time to deliver as much damage as possible. If you get into trouble, just run around in circles while you quaff healing potions. As long as you can avoid most of his spells, you should be able to wear him down.

When Hades dies, he'll drop Hades' Essence, which will produce a whole bunch of good equipment when you click on it. If you're lucky, then Hades will also drop a quest object called The Overlord. You'll need The Overlord to gain access to the Secret Passage connected to Coastal Asomata. The Overlord is a somewhat rare drop. You might need to kill Hades 10-20 times to get it.

After the battle, Persephone will appear in the room. She'll congratulate you on your success, and she'll open a "Victory Portal" for you. Going through the portal will take you to the main menu screen (where you'll now be able to access the next higher difficulty level).

"You have defeated both a Titan and an Olympian. From this day forward you shall be known as Godsbane."


A Exit to the Prison of Souls.
B Doorway.
C Doorway.
D Doorway.

Other People and Places of Interest:

EEnchanter (IT)
FRebirth Fountain
VCaravan Driver (IT)
$Treasure Container