Wizard Spells: Level 8
Caedebald's Blackbow: The wizard summons a frightful bow that does Corrode damage to enemies and leaves them Terrified. Each bolt of energy the wizard fires bounces to one additional target.

Speed: Fast

Effect: Summons weapon Caedebald's Blackbow for 45s

Kalakoth's Freezing Rake: A ghostly, skeletal hand rakes across the area, doing Freeze damage to enemies in the area, leaving them Weakened and Hobbled.

Speed: Fast

Range: 8m

Area of Effect: 5m Length

Interrupt: 0.5s

Effect (Target): 60-75 Freeze Damage vs. Reflex (+15 Accuracy), Weakened, Hobbled for 8s vs. Fortitude (+15 Accuracy)

Llengrath's Dread Haze: Fills targets with an intense malaise that leaves them Sickened and incapable of evaluating their Endurance.

Speed: Average

Range: 10m

Area of Effect: Foe Target + 5m Radius

Interrupt: 0.5s

Effect (Foe AOE): Health and Endurance concealed, Sickened for 20s vs. Will (+5 Accuracy)

Llengrath's Superior Elemental Bulwark: The wizard is protected by elemental shields that guard him or her against Burn, Corrode, Freeze and Shock damage until they are overwhelmed or the duration expires.

Speed: Fast

Effect (Caster): 100-pt Burn Damage Shield, 100-pt Corrode Damage Shield, 100-pt Freeze Damage Shield, 100-pt Shock Damage SHield for 30s

Major Grimoire Imprint: Allows the wizard to temporarily "borrow" druid, priest or wizard spells of 7th level or lower. For a short duration, the wizard can cast the stolen spells freely.

Speed: Fast

Range: 10m

Effect (Foe): Steals 3 spells of level 7 or lower for 60s vs. Fortitude (+10 Accuracy)

Minoletta's Piercing Sigil: The wizard invokes the sigil of the famed Vailian wizard Minoletta. When he or she is struck in melee, the sigil retaliates with Pierce damage, pushing the target back and leaving them Stunned.

Speed: Fast

Effect (Caster): Minoletta's Piercing Sigil for 20s

Effect (Characters Hitting Caster): 18-25 Pierce Damage, 3m Push vs. Deflection (+10 Accuracy), Stunned for 1.5s vs. Fortitude (+10 Accuracy)

Wall of Many Colors: Summons a scintillating wall of varied colors that inflicts varied damage and afflictions on enemies passing through it.

Speed: Average

Range: 12m

Area of Effect: 20m Wall

Duration: 12s

Interrupt: 0.5s

Effect (Red Wall): 25-40 Burn Damage vs. Reflex

Effect (Orange Wall): 35 Corrode Damage vs. Reflex

Effect (Yellow Wall): 20-50 Shock Damage vs. Reflex

Effect (Green Wall): 20-35 Raw Damage vs. Fortitude

Effect (Blue Wall): Petrified for 8s vs. Fortitude

Effect (Indigo Wall): Dominated for 8s vs. Will

Effect (Violet Wall): Paralyzed for 10s vs. Will

Wilting Wind: A parching wind blows across the battlefield, inflicting Raw damage on anyone in the area and leaving them Weakened.

Speed: Slow

Range: 10m

Area of Effect: 4m Radius

Interrupt: 0.5s

Effect (AOE): 50-60 Raw Damage, Weakened for 12s vs. Fortitude (+5 Accuracy)