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Postby Scott Hopersberger » Mon Mar 19, 2001 1:12 pm

Ramblings of a newbie. This is my first CRPG. The last one I played was Final Fanstasy for NES (a great game, but not quite the same league as BG) I noticed that lots of people ratchet up the difficulty and go solo to keep it interesting, and using wacky tactics at difficult times is great fun! After playing through one time and learning quite a bit, (I can remember struggling with the tutorial!) I noticed I was constantly checking my journal and maps to keep things moving. It wasn't much fun for me worrying about finishing quests and getting exp and gold all the time. I began to play just to play. I turn off feedback and markers and try to use keyboard shortcuts. Its much more fun to find out Joe Blow is an enemy when he throws his knife at you rather than when his circle turns red (cheesy). I enjoy just walking around towns and dungeons with full screen (and actually look at whats going on)rather than always worrying about taking an item to so-and-so and going with so-and-so to wherever. I was chained to the dialogue area of the screen during battle (not fun)...but a lot can be gathered by watching the animation and listening to verbal cues. Down with markers and feedback!!!