Umber hulk question

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Umber hulk question

Postby anvil » Wed Nov 15, 2000 12:46 am

How do you do in the UmberHulks? I have them locked up and he dog stew done, but can't kill them,, found nothing when i did a search..

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Postby tigergutt » Wed Nov 15, 2000 3:01 am

you kill them with swords and spells Image

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Postby Odin » Wed Nov 15, 2000 3:08 am

It is a good idea to trap the room. So when they come after you, you take out many before they even reach you. If you have Yoshimo in your group, use him. He has some good traps... Then you can finish whats left..

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Postby Maurice » Wed Nov 15, 2000 4:22 am

Cast ONE (1, uno, een, ein, whatever...) Cloudkill over them.

The moment an Umberhulk takes damage from a Cloudkill, he'll die immediatly, even if he just took 1 point of damage.

This is an excellent method, by the way, to sift out the UmberHulks from the Mind Flayers in their two MindFlayer areas.

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Mr Sleep
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Postby Mr Sleep » Wed Nov 15, 2000 6:53 am

Chaotic Commands also works a treat, you can also try dispelling magic once people have been taken over because it actually works on the Umberhulks spells.
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