Constitution Bonus After 9th Level?

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Constitution Bonus After 9th Level?

Postby Hickum » Sun Oct 15, 2000 3:12 pm

Does anyone know whether the AD&D rules state a character should or should not receive constitution bonus for hitpoints after reaching the 10th level or greater?

In BG2 my paladin just reached 10th level which means he gets 3 hp. It makes sense to me that he would also receive his constitution bonus. He didn't.

What gives? Did his metabolism suddenly shut down or what?

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Postby Yuusuke » Mon Oct 16, 2000 2:45 am

Well we use to always put in the con bonus after level 9 when we played the pencil and paper game, but BG2 does not add the bonuses after 9th level.

But this kind of makes sense, because if you had the 18 con bonus after level 9, that's more than double your normal hp increase, that will add up fast and turn your guys into super characters.
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