Party basics

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Party basics

Postby Arbok » Tue Jul 30, 2013 1:54 pm

[SIZE=12px]Hey, I was getting ready to boot up ToEE Co8, and I wanted to do a strong party- [/size]

[SIZE=12px]Tank- (Bastard sword or long sword) Warrior- [/size]

[SIZE=12px]2H Warrior- specializing in GS [/size]

[SIZE=12px]dual wielding THF(maybe THF/WAR) I was thinking starting 1 lvl rogue, next four in fighter, then rogue for the rest., but is a straight THF a better build? Should I do a str THF or is DEX that much better? And, I guess it will dual wield.... Short Swords? [/size]

[SIZE=12px]Cleric of Pelor(Not sure what weapon or domains) [/size]

[SIZE=12px]Sorcerer- Heavy crossbow [/size]

[SIZE=12px]I don't know what should really be filling in the holes with... [/size]

[SIZE=12px]1. Bastard Sword or Longsword for my Tank? [/size]

[SIZE=12px]2. THF/WAR or straight THF? [/size]

[SIZE=12px]3. What should my THF use for weapons? [/size]

[SIZE=12px]4. What domain and weapon for my cleric? [/size]

[SIZE=12px]5. What are the important spells for SOR?[/size]