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Postby Odnamra » Sat May 22, 2004 5:26 am

i'm the madest person you can meet right now i was minding my own buisness when i stumble upon a nice and quite ancestral tomb and i decide well its in the middle of no where so nobody but some undead creatures should bother me right....
i walk in...expecting a ghost and a skeleton or maybe at the worst a corprus monster....what do i encounter....yep you guessed it a [censored] vampire....3!!! [censored] Vampires....and these *******s INFECTED ME WITH THE V.I.V. (VAMPIRISM IMUNNODEFICIENCY VIRUS)
well i wanna know does any one know how to cure if there is a cure or what should i do
i mean i can even walk around unless its night time no locals will ever talk to me and i get attacked by every gaurd that sees meee...even other vampires dont wanna play...i heard its sorta like a guild the vampires that is...its just you gotta find where your vapire guild is or just might have killed mine cause as soon as i was a vampire i went back and merked everybody in the tomb...anyways some body please help me and tell me wassup...i was angry about it cause i dont know my situation and i think i gotta start my game all over....i mean i just started a new game and i had just begun and also stolen the illest orcish armour ever!!!!! and all for nothing now
this really sucks like theres no tomorrow....some one pleeeeeaseeeeeee help me and let me know wasssssup...

till then yours trully,
Odnamra Onaznam
The Orcish Vampire
i'm in love with that armour because of the jappanesse influence
worked into the design....any one respond with a

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Postby Fuwex » Sat May 22, 2004 5:43 am

Well, I guess you should have searched, but here is a link given by Adahn in another thread about vampires.

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Postby UncleScratchy » Sat May 22, 2004 7:20 am

If you are not yet a vampire but only infected then any Cure Disease potion/spell will get rid of it. If you have slept 3 days then you become a vampire. Unfortunately the group you stumbled onto is not one of the three vampire clans so you won't get the full vampire experience. If you are a vamp and want to be cured you should read Vampires of Vvardenfell Volume 2 and Retheri's journal/papers. Basically you go to the shrine of Molag Bal in Bal Ur (north of Suran) and talk to the statue. The god gives you a quest and when you return from it he cures you.

If you are currently a vamp you may as well do some of the non-clan vampire quests. Vamps are tolerated by mages and Telvanni so talk to everyone in the various mage guilds, the Telvanni representatives in the hall in Sadrith Mora, etc. There is also one quest with the Redorans (I think the Retheri) and one from an imprisioned vampire in a tomb in the NE corner of the Red Mountain region.

Highlight for more on these quests:

There is a mage in Vivic (a female high elf) who wants you to kill someone in Ald'ruhn. Do her quest and then she wants 3 vampire dusts. Do this and she gives you a ring plus you get to keep a pretty neat ring from the guy you killed in Ald'ruhn. If you don't have any vamp dust just head out of Vivic's Foreign Quarters going due north and then head west once you see the Hawia Egg Mine. Look for the Othrelas tomb which just happens to have 3 vamps you can kill for their dust.

In Sadrith Mora, one of the representatives in the Telvanni council chamber has a quest for you. She wants you to kill a warrior in Tel Vos. Do this and she will reward you. I think there may be a second part to this quest but I don't recall what it was - couldn't have been very difficult if there was.

In Ald'ruhn pay a visit to the Retheri clan in Under Skar. Don't talk to anyone other than the wife or they will attack you. She wants you to try to convince her son (in a nearby room) that his desire to become a vampire is not smart. Talk to the son and he will be unconvinced. Now taunt him into attacking you and when he does do not fight back. Stand there and take damage and when you are sufficiently hurt he will stop and say something to the affect that vampires aren't as tough as he thought they were (of course he's wrong, but hey). Now report back to mom for your reward.

In Ald'ruhn there is a vampire hunter, but unless you are a member of one of the 3 major vamp clans I don't think he will show up. If he's there he'll just be walking around outside. He carries some unique vampire hunting equipment.

In the Salvel tomb in the NE corner of Red Mtn/Ghostgate there is a very powerful imprisioned vampire by the name of Murdius (or something like that). He want's you to help him get free of his situation and to restore his powers. He was imprisioned there by Azura. Anyway he wants you to retrieve the Spell Breaker shield (one of the legendary items) from the Bthuand dwemer ruins to the north. The shield doesn't appear in the game unless you do this quest. When you return with the shield he wants you to give him your health to restore him. If you do he becomes very powerful and you become severly drained of health at which point he decides to kill you. Now you have to fight him. Of course you can just decline to give him your health and kill him on the spot in his weakened state and take his nearly complete set of ebony armor.
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Postby italkalot999 » Sun Jun 06, 2004 9:51 pm

hey dont get mad... get glad!

you can easily cure yourself of vampirism....(BEWARE: once you use this cure you can never become a vampire again!!!)

1 Go to Bal Ur, northeast of Vivec
2. speak with some lady near the shrine of Malog Bal
3. Go to the Mine of Dubdilla and kill all the bad people.
4. Return to Bal Ur


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Postby Bloodthroe » Thu Jun 10, 2004 5:27 pm

There aren't really any vampire guilds. There are 3 vampire clans, sort of at a power stuggle and the other 2 clans that you aren't a part of will attack you on sight. The vampire clan you're apart of (the one that attacked and infected you) will attack you too, because they see you as an unpure vampire. The way you were made. You can do quests for certain members of your clan and get on their good side, but you can't become head of the clan as you would in a guild. The real benefit of being a vampire is the stat increases. Which one clan is really good if you're a monk type fighter.
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Postby i4v02v95i5p09k9 » Fri Jun 11, 2004 5:49 pm

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