Bethesda Softworks In the Works Newsletter #3

As per usual, the Bethesda Softworks podcast is joined by a newsletter. The third issue gives us a track listing for the New Vegas soundtrack, two pieces of concept art, and a link to Hunted: The Demon's Forge gameplay.
The Strip
Looking out from a high vantage point somewhere over Westside New Vegas, we see the Lucky 38 on the horizon dominating the valley skyline in this golden hour. As the sun drops behind the Spring Mountains, local residents hold refuge in small camps, constructed with salvaged materials. They live in the shadow of the strip, left to fend for themselves.

The Fort
From high up on the hill or The Fort as it's known today, Caesar and his Legion have a commanding view of Hoover Dam. Waiting for the right moment, Caesar is busy preparing the newest batch of slaves to do his bidding. The approaching storm from the East signals the coming battle at the dam between the NCR and the Legion.