Borderlands Claptrap's New Robot Revolution DLC Reviews

A few more reviews have come in for the Claptrap's New Rebolution Revolution DLC for Borderlands. Opinions continue to be all over the place, with people hating or loving the title. IGN 8.5/10.
The plot of this additional adventure on Pandora is one long joke and a nod to the nonsensical ending of the core Borderlands story. A rogue Claptrap sent by the Tartarus Corporation has started assimilating with everything on Pandora and it's your job to stop him and his robo-minions. You'll be blasting away at hoards of the cute boxy robots as well as robo-zombie versions of other familiar enemies from the main game. The setup is entertaining and the tongue-in-cheek delivery of the plot will keep you chuckling through the main quest.
GameSpot 7/10.
Whether or not this endeavor is tangibly rewarding depends on where you are level-wise. Players who have not yet reached the level cap will likely find that the game matches their level reasonably well and that experience, loot, and some other goodies await them. Level 61 players have fewer rewards in store and are advised to wait until developer Gearbox Software delivers on its promise of a free level cap update. Without the brisk humor of Secret Armory or the interesting environments of Zombie Island, Claptrap's New Robot Revolution is less of a compelling reason to return to Pandora than those predecessors were. However, even though it doesn't go out of its way to entice you, it does provide a lot of new content to play through. The Borderlands formula is still engrossing, and if you are eager for more mercenary action, your 800 Microsoft points ($10) will be well spent here -- especially if you've always longed to put a bullet in a Claptrap's beady red eye.
Bitmob impression piece, no score.
There is great disappointment and disdain to be had. What I was once falling over myself to play has turned into a chore, a chore that I am not certain I can complete. While I will say that it is completely unfair of me to make any sort of review of this content without having finished it, I will say that other reports I've heard bear me little solace in continuing my journey. Now, is that to say this is a bust for any and all? No. I'm sure that once the patch that is to bring the rise in level cap comes this content will find itself with a bit of a greater purpose. I also know, as evidence by forums, there are many ways and reasons why people enjoy Borderlands. If you enjoy the combat immensely, the idea of different (looking) enemies, and in general just more Borderlands then I encourage you to continue your research into this pack, but ask that you keep my impressions as a barometer of basic concerns. As for me, I think this will be my last foray or hoo-rah for Borderlands content. If only it could have been on a better note. Though, I do still need to cap out my Soldier...