Fallout: New Vegas Interview

Dual Shockers interviews senior designer Chris Avellone about a variety of topics concerning Fallout: New Vegas, from dialog and voice acting to combat.
Chad (DS): The shooting mechanics of Fallout 3 received some criticism for feeling loose and lacking any weight it was very (digital) feeling. Has this been addressed?

Chris (Obsidian): Our project director Josh Sawyer loves guns. He loves making games where guns feel fun to shoot, so he has thoroughly caressed this system with his designer hands.

Chad (DS): Will New Vegas feature the same detail in regards to creating make-shift weapons? If so, what are some examples of new weapons that can be created and parts to do so with?

Chris (Obsidian): There are a number of makeshift weapons you can make in New Vegas at reloading benches, campfires, and workbenches. but not just weapons: ammo (including homemade flamer fuel and recycling energy weapon ammo), poisons, doctor bags, explosives, and even Survival crafting recipes using food and hides you scavenge from Wasteland creatures. The Doctor Bag creation in hardcore mode especially is helpful, in terms of some of the weapons, however, some of the classics are making a come-back including Bottlecap Mines, you can also make Time Bombs (req: Explosives 50) out of Duct Tape, Dynamite, an Egg Timer, and 2 pieces of Scrap Electronics.

Chad (DS): Will the V.A.T.S. system still be around? If so, how will it be improved over Fallout 3?

Chris (Obsidian): Yep, V.A.T.S. is intact and ready to use via your Pip-Boy. We added new functionality for melee weapons in V.A.T.S., otherwise still the same.