Planescape: Torment Retrospective

Now that Planescape: Torment is available on Good Old Games, it comes as no surprise that the game is getting some much-deserved attention online. This retrospective on Insert Disc explains why the new DRM-free version is worth every penny:
As the plot progresses you can do some rather odd things, such as parlor tricks with your immortality, people paying to kill The Nameless One to see if it's actually true, and sometimes entering in philosophical debates. You also have a lot of sidequests that reveal more about the world and The Nameless One's past selves; one of whom deliberately erased as many clues and hints left by other incarnations as possible due to his insane paranoia. The plot is told very well with good boss battles and even better long conversations taking the place of boss battles. Particularly memorable is your conversation with Ravel Puzzlewell, which I will avoid spoiling.

One of the more unique aspects of Torment is your equipment. There is a total of one sword in the entire game, and only about two pieces of armor. Instead you rely on magic, clubs(one of which is the severed arm of a previous incarnationh), and daggers to deal damage. You also have different equip slots such as tattoos and eyeballs. Yes, an eyeball slot, there aren't many of these laying around obviously, but yes, The Nameless One rips his eyeball out and sticks another one in there on the odd occasion you find a better, magical one.