Fallout: New Vegas Interviews

A couple more interviews for Obsidian's upcoming Fallout: New Vegas have hit the web.

Gamereactor.eu provides an interview with project director J.E. Sawyer, discussing Obsidian's roots in BIS and the game's ties to the originals and general game topics.

GameFreaks interviews senior producer Larry Liberty.
GF: How has the combat been changed and improved?

LL: We've overhauled ranged combat, more than doubling the number of weapons in the game, filling in gaps in the weapon tiers, making button input more responsive, and adding true iron sights. In addition, the way that the Strength and Skill attributes work together has changed to make for a more gratifying experience. Weapons have Strength and Skill requirements; if you don't meet them you'll be less effective.

For instance, if you want to be as accurate as possible with a high-powered Minigun you should stop, kneel, aim, have the appropriate skill level (100 Guns) and 10 Strength. If you don't have the strength required to effectively use a weapon, you'll see more (wobble.) We also added special moves for melee weapons in VATS, as illustrated by the (Fore) move in our first press demo, a special attack that allows you to swing your 9-iron like a professional golfer with a high probability of knocking your opponent down.
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