Borderlands Joins PS3/Xbox 360 Hits Lineup

Joystiq reports Borderlands has joined the "hits" lineup on Xbox 360 and PS3, meaning the game is now available for $30. They also points out a GotY edition is right around the corner so you might want to consider your purchase.
The core Borderlands game is now $30 as part of the Xbox 360 and PS3's respective "hits" lineups. If you're interested in the full Borderlands experience, the "Game of the Year Edition,", which includes all four DLC packs (regularly priced at $10 apiece), the math suggests you wait until October 12 for the $60 bundle.

Borderlands' final piece of DLC, "ClapTrap's New Robot Revolution," is set to begin next Tuesday, September 28. There will also be a free update sometime in October, increasing the game's level cap to 69 and rebalancing the title to accommodate the DLC released over the past year.