BioShock Infinite Gameplay Trailer

A 10-minute gameplay trailer for BioShock Infinite hit Xbox 360's Live yesterday, and seems to have been popping up all over the place since, including our own YouTube channel.

GamerNode offers an analysis of the trailer, too:
Although brief, around 2:07 Booker overhears what sounds like a news radio broadcast describing a murder in which a "colored man" stabs another man with a razor. Apparently, the victim is heard calling his assailant "Negro". While this was an issue broached late in the game by Bioshock 2 developer, 2K Marin, perhaps the issue of race relations, especially as they relate to "foreigners" for the isolationists, will be a centerpiece of the fragile situation in Columbia. This can be confirmed a few seconds later in the video when Booker sees a political poster with the slogan "For Faith, For Race, For Fatherland".