Dungeon Siege III Preview

The PC Gamer editors have whipped up a brief preview of Dungeon Siege III after receiving a private demonstration of the action RPG sequel from lead designer Nathaniel Chapman. The usual excerpt:
The technology is impressive. The dungeon they're fighting through is miles deep. You can see it spiralling down into the depths. Each little goblin that gets knocked off the ledge can be seen pinwheeling into the river below. This isn't an off-the-shelf tech solution like the Unreal engine: this is developer Obsidian finally flexing their technical muscles.


...Obsidian are all about story and lore and detailed moral consequences. The Dungeon Siege games were mostly about turning orcs into piles of guts, and overloading your pet donkey with loot.

Which is why when lead designer Nathan Chapman talked about (paying respect to the Dungeon Siege lore,) I had to stifle a giggle. The Dungeon Siege lore is what director Uwe Boll used to make a four hour epic. It's not exactly Shakespeare. Expect slick cutscenes with Mass Effect style dialogue they're not going to hang about making you read pages of quest text. Unless they're daft.
Or unless they want to please the traditional RPG crowd, too?