Borderlands Claptrap's New Robot Revolution DLC Previews

GameZone and Destructoid are the latest two websites to put together previews of Gearbox's fourth and supposedly final set of Borderlands DLC.

A snip from GameZone's article:
Claptrap's New Robot Revolution will include a massive new map with six huge zones to explore. The zones promise to have a better level layout than the linear maps from The Secret Amory of General Knox. Along with loads of new gear and weapons, two extra skill points (one per playthrough) players will also be able to upgrade their backpack with six extra equipment slots (three per playthrough), which is excellent news for all of the looters craving new items to hoard.

Also keep an eye out for a free title upgrade that will bump up the level cap by eight, so if players own all of the previous DLC, they will be able to max their character level to 69 (yes, that was totally on purpose). It will also fix the level cap issue players were having with the General Knox DLC; in addition the original game's difficulty will now scale and even out with the new levels.

And an excerpt from Destructoid's article:
Other new additions to the game include three more backpack item slots to carry more of the new guns and items to rock out on the go. With the new level cap brought over from the latest (and free) patch, and the 20 new missions, these new add-ons are going to go a long way to making a new experience.

It looks like the writing, however, is where the game will really shine. I was told that every member of the team has left their fingerprints on the humor of the title, and it shows. Killing a punching-glove equipped Claptrap, for example, and he'll die while screaming (404 error: server not found.) Lines like these are littered throughout the game, and it's often a specific brand of humor for those who spend a little bit too much time online. It's great. Throughout the new area of Tartarus Station, the impact of the Claptraps are everywhere, with fake revolution posters designed to look like Che Guevera, among others, and the whole vibe is this silly little revolution gone weird. By far it is the funniest and goofiest interpretation of the Borderlands universe.