Fallout: New Vegas Interview

Hooked Gamers has slapped up a two-page interview that they recently conducted with Fallout: New Vegas producer Larry Liberty. A bit on perks:
Hooked Gamers: Fallout 3 kept players glued to their seats for days just to get through the main plot, and the time it took them to get through all the sidequests and downloadable content extras could only be measured in weeks. The game will add a lot of new content to the world of Fallout but will the player have enough missions and quests to try all the new gadgets out?

Larry Liberty: Fallout: New Vegas is a huge game, so I think there will be plenty of opportunity to experiment with all the new weapons and perks. That said there are so many new perks that people will need to play more than once to gain them all.


Hooked Gamers: You've been incredibly tight-lipped about the Perks. Can you reveal even a tiny bit of information on what you are doing with them?

Larry Liberty: One thing that is safe to say is that there will be a lot of perks. We plan to give a perk every other level so Perk selection will be more meaningful than ever.