GameBanshee Ten-Year Anniversary Giveaway, Day One

It's hard to believe that this week signifies ten years that GameBanshee has been online providing news, reviews, previews, interviews, editorials, and in-depth coverage for role-playing games. Because it's such a monumental event for us (have we really been here that long?), we wanted to make sure that it was a monumental event for the viewers that have helped keep us online for the past decade, too. So, after rounding up a list of many of the companies we've worked with over the years, I sent off an email to see if any of them would be interested in helping us celebrate with a week-long giveaway.

To put it lightly, the response was overwhelming. Nearly every company I contacted wanted to contribute to the celebration, the result of which is an enormous stockpile of RPG-related swag awaiting a new home and a slew of digital download keys ready to be redeemed for a variety of games.

So here's the deal. For the next five days, there will be one major giveaway news article (like this one) with a list of all the goodies up for grabs. If you'd like to throw your hat into the ring for a chance to have one of the listed items sent directly to your door or email inbox (depending on what you win), simply post a comment under the news article. That's it. Next week, I'll be going through all five news articles and will randomly choose the winners.

Of course, we have to have a few rules:

- You must have a valid email address attached to your GameBanshee account. Without one, I cannot contact you with the information you need to receive your swag.
- Only one comment per news article per IP address will be accepted. Members who post more than one comment under a single news article with the same or alternate usernames will not be eligible for any of the items. You can technically have a total of five chances to win if you post a single comment under each of the five giveaway news articles.
- This promotion is available to all members worldwide, as long as your shipping address is valid with the USPS, UPS, and FedEx.

With that out of the way, here's a list of everything that we'll be giving away for our DAY ONE promotion only:

'¢ One (1) SIGNED copy of The Lord of the Rings Online Collector's Edition + One (1) Grey Sweatshirt courtesy of Turbine, Inc. [Facebook Page]

'¢ One (1) SIGNED copy of Guild Wars Nightfall Collector's Edition + One (1) Guild Wars: Eye of the North Fragmat Mousepad courtesy of ArenaNet [Facebook Page]

'¢ One (1) SIGNED copy of Guild Wars: Eye of the North + One (1) Guild Wars: Eye of the North Fragmat Mousepad courtesy of ArenaNet [Facebook Page]

'¢ One (1) retail copy of Alpha Protocol (PlayStation 3) + One (1) Obsidian drink coaster courtesy of Obsidian Entertainment [Facebook Page]

'¢ One (1) of two retail copies of Elemental: War of Magic Limited Edition courtesy of Stardock [Facebook Page]

'¢ One (1) retail copy of Eschalon: Book II courtesy of Basilisk Games [Facebook Page]

'¢ One (1) of two Arcania: Gothic 4 t-shirts courtesy of JoWooD and DreamCatcher [Facebook Page]

'¢ One (1) set of three core rulebooks for Mutants & Masterminds tabletop RPG courtesy of Green Ronin Publishing [Facebook Page]

'¢ One (1) "Another Night in Moscow" t-shirt + One (1) digital download code for any title on 1C Company's online store courtesy of 1C Company [Facebook Page]

'¢ One (1) of three digital download codes for any title on CD Projekt's Good Old Games service [Facebook Page]

'¢ One (1) digital download code for both Age of Conan and its Rise of the Godslayer expansion pack + a free one-year subscription courtesy of Funcom [Facebook Page]

'¢ One (1) digital download code for Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim courtesy of Paradox Interactive [Facebook Page]

'¢ One (1) digital download code for Mount & Blade: Warband courtesy of Paradox Interactive [Facebook Page]

'¢ One (1) digital download code for Din's Curse courtesy of Soldak Entertainment [Facebook Page]

'¢ One (1) digital download code for Champions Online courtesy of Cryptic Studios [Facebook Page]

'¢ One (1) of five Star Trek Online 10-day access codes courtesy of Cryptic Studios [Facebook Page]

Whew! We'll be hosting four more giveaways this week, so make sure you stop by and sign up for each day's promotion! And if you've enjoyed all of the coverage we've provided over the past ten years, don't forget to become a fan of GameBanshee on Facebook, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and randomly toss out our URL during conversations. Go!