Elemental: War of Magic Impressions

The editors at PC Gamer have provided us with some early impressions of Elemental: War of Magic and, well, they're not too good. Not necessarily because the game is bad, but because of its state at launch:
I've been playing it on two very different machines with the latest drivers for everything, and it's crashed or hit a game-breaking bug every ten minutes. The tactical mode for playing out battles works one time in five. Half the AI races don't leave their starting town or attempt to defend it. And the promised multiplayer simply isn't switched on yet.

Developer and publisher Stardock are generally a great company. A small patch soon after release fixed some of the crashes and tactical battle problems, and they released a larger one last night that they've been working on for a month. They've made much of the improvements it'll bring, but that's cold comfort to anyone who bought the game on Monday expecting it to be stable.