Fallout: New Vegas Previews

Obsidian Entertainment's Fallout: New Vegas has been treated to a couple more hands-on previews, including this four-and-a-half minute video from the folks at Machinima:

And this piece penned by the GameSpot editors:
We then made out way through the doctor's ramshackle old house to a sofa, where the doctor started asking us a series of questions. The questions were rather abstract, asking us what actions we would undertake in certain situations, or what our feelings would be if provoked. Our answers generated a recommended set of skills for our character, though we were free to change them if we wished. After identifying some ink blots we were given a set of recommended agilities, which we could also customize. The doctor then handed us a PipBoy and sent us on out into the wasteland.

Not much more than sand greeted us outside, save for a few ramshackle huts and some cattle. We made our way over to the local saloon where we met Sunny Smiles, a local sharp shooter. She took as round the back of the saloon where she handed us a gun and taught us how to shoot. She then invited us with her to shoot some geckos, who had been terrorizing the surrounding area. Unlike real-life geckos, they were almost human-size, scuttling along the desert floor towards us, teeth bearing. Fortunately, they were easily dispatched with a few shots of our decrepit looking rifle.