Star Wars: The Old Republic Previews

Star Wars: The Old Republic has been treated to two more GamesCom-based previews that help shed some extra light on the Sith Inquisitor and Republic Trooper classes.

IGN tackles the former:
Back to my Inquisitor character, he was initially tasked with proving his worth by finding a certain NPC located nearby the starting area on Korriban. By roaming outside I found myself in a red rock valley along the sides of which were carved huge, ominous figures. I trotted around and checked out the skill bar. It wasn't very full yet, the character was very low level, but could still pull off a few useful attacks. Saber strike could be triggered at close range for a boost in melee damage played out across a flurry of strikes. Shock functioned as a simple ranged electrical attack, and lighting drain was a channeled ability that damaged, restored force, and slowed targets. If a fight proveed to be especially tough, there's also the option to mediate to quickly restore health and force over time. With a cooldown of one minute, it seems like this ability is meant to be used pretty often, keeping downtime between battles to a minimum.

Out in the valley with a large pyramidal temple off in the distance, there was plenty to fight. A number of insect-like creatures were roaming the orange-red terrain, and it wasn't long before I cut a number of them down, inadvertently fulfilling a bonus objective on my original quest to prove I'm worthy of being a Sith. Then into the underground I went, where more of the creatures roamed. An NPC was standing down there too who wanted more of the creatures killed, and through a fully-voice series of cut-scenes gave me the task of blasting apart a room filled with the eggs of the creatures. Further in to the cavern network, a datapad sitting on the ground had additional instructions for wiping out bands of looters and robbers down in the tunnels, which I did and was awarded with a few bits of fancier armor. Finally I discovered the NPC that I was originally tasked to find, and he instructed me to kill or be killed in a fight against his minions to show that I'm properly prepared. How very Sith-like.

And IncGamers shares some details on the lattter:
The starting area for the Trooper is the planet of Ord Mantell. Starting in the zone we were introduced to a war torn veteran, and we were presented with a very typical Bioware styled dialogue giving details of the back-story.

The first quest involved tackling a rocket attack where you need to grab a fire extinguisher and put out the fire. For a first quest it was a little disappointing and it felt like quite an unspectacular start for us in the SWTOR universe.