Dungeon Siege III Previews

Quite a few new previews of Dungeon Siege III have emerged from GamesCom, though most of them require a Google translation. I'll do my best to choose the paragraphs that sport the least amount of broken English.

In Dungeon Siege 3 one notices immediately that the developers put more emphasis on atmosphere. The characters are animated and harmonious work properly. In Dungeon Siege 3, we have the opportunity to take different NPCs as companions with. How many of these will be ultimately Obisidian has not yet revealed. Let's talk with the characters, falls on the new dialog system. We can choose from a variety of answers. Are we in the long run to evil, it can happen that leave our companions the group. In the co-op mode, we can deny with a friend of the adventure. Whether this can drive with malicious responses, abuse is unlikely - except we do when we sit in front of the PC. For in Dungeon Siege 3, it will be possible that players can fall at any time by pressing a button in the current game. Whether the partner can play with the keyboard or a gamepad to connect extra needs, Obsidian has not yet revealed. Also the number of players, there was no statement.

As in all games of this type, loot, that is to say, articles or resources you can find on the corpses, play an important role in Dungeon Siege III. However, to prevent you unnecessarily fill the pockets and spend hours in the menus to decide what you want artfecat separate display system will allow you to have direct insight into what lies ahead without you clutter. Thus, a color code lets you know the rarity of an object simply by passing over him. Similarly, you'll have an idea of price you can sell it. These are details, but they prove that the ergonomics of the game has been designed to suit both the PC and console handling. Other options can be activated or not will make life easier for players less certain: as in Fable II will be here for example it can show a light path guides you to your next objective.

If there was one aspect that the previous Dungeon Siege titles were proud of, it was their overall polish. As Nathan explained, (our focus has been on not just having lots of stuff, but having quality gameplay. We wanted to make sure that there was a lot to do in every section of the game and by doing so we're polishing the heck out of the game.) This isn't a game of half measures and half-baked ideas.

Dungeon Siege 3 left a nice impression, especially the strong co-op component, and the focus on story and characters we liked. The operation seems to work perfectly, at least we were able to closely monitor the inventory. The desired strong distinction between the classes sounds good, we were able to verify as yet. What can be said, however: Dungeon Siege Dungeon Siege 3 is probably not in the classic sense, because the developers have to change too much. Open it will not, because the sections shown us seemed absolutely linear. As had been promised to another revelation. Unfortunately, there is still no firm figures on the number of players and the other classes. And a typical problem of constant hacking games: In the long run could affect the gameplay dull. Here's the creativity of the developers is needed.

And Cynamite.de:
With each kill you invite to a focus-bar with which you can do special attacks. For this you will get orbs with which you can run their power-attack in turn. Most of the work to invest the developer but in story and characters - as in Dragon Age 2 you meet in talks decisions and can even lose your group members obviously, if you treated them badly too.

Thanks, LadyVox via the Obsidian forums.