Fallout: New Vegas Preview

NowGamer is the latest website to offer up a preview of Fallout: New Vegas based on the demonstration being given at this week's GamesCom.
Then there are traits, innate abilities that give you a bonus in one area and penalise you in another. If you're a bit of a pacifist and want to boost your sciences, speechcraft and medicine, for example, you can take a hit to your Guns skill by opting for the '˜Good Natured' trait. Our eye was drawn to the '˜Wild Wasteland' option, which exaggerates all the wild and silly elements of a radioactive wasteland and should provide some interesting and challenging encounters in combination with New Vegas's Hardcore mode.

Traits are permanent, cannot be modified, and up to two can be chosen at the character creation stage, though you don't have to equip any at all. Then, having repaid the good doctor's generosity by stripping his house of anything of value this is an RPG, after all we stepped out into Goodsprings for our first taste of the New Vegas environment.