Fallout: New Vegas Preview

QuakeCon previews are still incoming, and next up is Mtv Multiplayer, who uses Google Map images to help tour us through New Vegas' wasteland.
Nipton is not doing well at all in the world of New Vegas. When I happened upon the sleepy desert town, the dusty streets were lined with people tied to crucifixes. Yikes. Approaching the town hall, I was set upon by a band of Caesar's Legion soldiers.

The leader of the group was named Vulpes Inculta, and he told the dark story of Nipton. Apparently the city was overrun with gamblers, thieves and prostitutes. Vulpes came in and decided to "save" the lot of them by holding a lottery. Winners of the lottery would be strung up, the rest would become slaves. Vulpes seemed pretty proud of this, even though his men managed to turn Nipton into a ghost town. Thankfully I was able to talk them out of stringing me up (they had me seriously out-gunned), and Vulpes went on his way. Bethesda's producer on "New Vegas," Jason Bergman, said that Vulpes returns throughout the game, and offers missions similar to what we saw in the Dark Brotherhood of "Oblivion."