Fallout: New Vegas Preview

Square-Go is next in line to provide us with a quick preview of Fallout: New Vegas, during which they summarize much of what we know about the game already.
Set after Fallout 3, New Vegas is based around the South West area, which for some reason had not been directly hit by the nuclear fallout. The game has many similarities to Fallout 3, with similar looks and controls and plenty of story changing decisions to be made so those retuning to this post apocalyptic world will feel right at home.

Though we have been hinted at plenty of areas in the Mojave Wasteland and Hoover Dam, BETHESDA introduced what appears to be the main hub, the strip itself at New Vegas, which is heavily populated and even has it's own power supply, allowing for neon lights to advertise their wares, but only for those who can afford them; like the owner of Lucky 38, Mr House, who's casino is like a monument that towers over the strip with a giant roulette wheel on top. Mr House is a kind of overlord of New Vegas and has his fingers in many pies, even winning the local vault as a gambling debt and turning it into themed hotel. There are plenty of casinos dotted around the Strip like The Topps, a 50's inspired casino where you can try out a selection of games like roulette, black jack and the slots. Become a high roller and get complimentary food and drinks and even a room. It is these details which drew us to the original and I fear it is going to do it all again.