Fallout: New Vegas Drink Coasters Available on Sunday

I'm not sure how Kmart scored the exclusive, but if you're paying a visit to your local department store this Sunday, you might want to pick up some Fallout: New Vegas drink coasters. The coasters come with a $15 coupon toward the game itself, too, so the $5 price tag is a no-brainer:
Kmart is pleased to announce an exciting offer for the upcoming Bethesda Softworks masterpiece, Fallout: New Vegas. With a $5 purchase of the Fallout coaster set below, Kmart will offer a $15 Video Game Savings coupon that will be redeemable the week Fallout: New Vegas releases. This offer begins this Sunday, August 8th as an instore only special! Quantities will be limited and while supplies last only! Limit one per customer.
This is one promotion that will get me in their doors. I might even have to bring the kids to get multiple sets :).