Fallout: New Vegas Preview

As we've seen from an earlier preview, Bethesda/Obsidian have been making the rounds with a new hands-on demo, which shows different areas than the E3 demo. PC Gamer gave us a short look, but PC Zone UK (via GamesRadar) has a more expansive 3-page preview.
But let's not get ahead of ourselves. First off, we're checking out that 20ft dinosaur. There's a door in Dinky's left flank that opens into a gift shop. It's manned by Manny Varga, a whining, sphere-headed moustache of a man, whose attention is focused on his plush Dinky mementos. With some conversation you can get him to open the rest of his stock to you, which includes usefully guns, stimpacks and ammo. The dinosaurs, it turns out, are free. Manny Varga is a bad businessman.

A staircase leads up to the left, and we join Craig Boone at his outpost. His wife is missing, he says. She's been taken, sold. She's dead. It's a strange scenario that no one will explain: why would you buy someone you're going to kill? Corpses make terrible slaves. They're notoriously lazy.

Nevertheless, our position as an outsider makes the paranoid Boone trust us. We make a deal. We'll find out who did it and take him or her in front of the dinosaur during Boone's shift. We'll wear his beret that's the code for him to shoot. As you'd expect from Fallout, this could go a number of ways. Boone's put us in a position of trust, and trust is there to be abused. We could invite anyone we want dead out there, put on the hat, and they'll get sniped to bits.